More information on Rudy guilty plea

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TPMMuckraker is on top of this as always. Here is the Information document, and here is TPPM's analysis. They think there's no conclusive evidence that DeLay, who is mentioned as "Representative #2" in the document, is on or off the hook. Rep. Bob Ney, though, is another matter. There's also no mention of Ed Buckham, for those of you keeping score at home. [UPDATE: Buckham may be listed as "Lobbyist B." More later.]


The Associated Press reports that the judge urged Rudy to cooperate, and that there are signs he already is doing just that:


"As part of the deal for Rudy to plead guilty to the single felony conspiracy count, prosecutors agreed not pursue other possible charges against him or his wife.


"Rudy, 39, stood with his head slightly bowed and his hands clasped in front of him as the judge detailed how he took free trips, tickets, meals and golf games from Abramoff while working for DeLay, who was then House Majority Leader."