Reversing on DeLay Rule "stupidest thing we've ever done"

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Here's a little noticed passage from National Review Online. I have to say, a statement like this warms my heart:


"The problem, DeLay explained, was the interplay of [District Attorney Ronnie] Earle's investogation and a GOP rule that requires members of the leadership to step down if they are indicted. 'I truly believe that the only reason I was indicted is because we have that stupid rule -- that is, politically, the stupidest thing we've ever done,' DeLay said."


The DeLay Rule, for those of you who forget, was the effort by the GOP caucus to reverse a rule that said if you got indicted you had to leave your leadership position. The Republicans repealed it on a secret voice vote two weeks after election day in order to give DeLay a get-out-of-jail-free card. Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo and our Daily DeLay blog teamed up to drive media, blog, and activist attention, and urged people to contact their member of Congress. With help from others, we collectively put 23 GOP members on record opposing the DeLay Rule, thus showing the Democrats they could win a floor vote. The Republican leadership reversed themselves, with a tail between their legs.


When DeLay was indicted in September, he was forced to leave his leadership position.


So, Josh -- I'm raising a beer tonight to congratulate your role in making the Republicans do "the stupidest thing [they've] ever done."