Feehery: Inside DeLay’s Office

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Former DeLay Communications Director John Feehery submitted an opinion piece entitled "Hammered" that ran in the Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section describing his experience working in DeLay’s office (Feehery's spin in the piece on his time in DeLay’s office is “I didn’t do anything wrong, it was all Buckham, Rudy, and Scanlon running amuck). He reveals insight into the win-at-all-cost mentality of how DeLay ran his office, his politics, and the pursuit of greater things via, well, lying.

His memory of a shooting that happened on Capitol Hill:

After the shooting, we were kept in DeLay's office, where the House sergeant-at-arms called to ask that we not talk to the media. Not long after, however, I looked up and saw that Michael Scanlon was on television, describing the scene inside the building.

Scanlon was DeLay's new press secretary, having been hired after Rudy became deputy chief of staff. I couldn't believe he had disregarded the Capitol Police request. Even worse, Scanlon was describing a scene he had never seen. During the shooting, he was outside smoking a cigarette. It was disrespectful, but in keeping with Scanlon's M.O. -- the spinner who was always spinning for himself.

The piece has other good stories on the Gingrich coup and the Clinton impeachment.