Another Day, More Abramoff Emails

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Friday night the Justice Department released another treasure trove of emails, these involving exchanges between convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and David H. Safavian, then chief of staff and the General Services Administration. Safavian is being charged with lying to federal officials by not disclosing Abramoff's dealings with the agency.

The emails, reports The Washington Post:

document a collapse of traditional borders separating lobbyists seeking favored treatment and the government officials, including members of Congress, empowered to make decisions with millions of dollars riding on the outcome.

Interwoven with the flow of e-mails are discussions of such matters as the interests of Abramoff's Indian tribe clients in converting a part of the old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Avenue into a hotel and in qualifying for special bidding status as "8a" minority contractors. In the e-mails, Safavian and Abramoff also plan parties at Abramoff's restaurants Signatures and Stacks, weekday golf games, the Scotland trip and racquetball.