For Bob Ney, indictment or no indictment?

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Last Fall, Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) and his former chief of staff Neil Volz each signed six month waivers on the statute of limitations on any potential crimes related to Jack Abramoff's purchase of SunCruz casinos. These six month waivers run out this weekend ran out last night at midnight.


Will there be new indictments? Ney's and Volz's names are all over the federal documents implicating Abramoff and his partner Michael Scanlon for bribery and conspiracy. (Ney, you'll recall, is listed as "Representative #1"). With Ney's primary on Tuesday, the indictment might have some immediate political implications, huh?


And we shouldn't miss this irony: The House will vote on weak lobbying and ethics legislation that wouldn't have changed much in how Abramoff and Scanlon plied their trade. Will Ney be in the chamber on Tuesday to cast that vote? Remember, Tom DeLay was in Washington at a fundraiser with lobbyists instead of hanging out with voters in Texas on his primary election day a few months back.


UPDATE: The waivers only apply to the SunCruz case, so I've changed the post to reflect that. The waivers ran out Thursday night at midnight and Ney and Volz refused to grant additional waivers. Ney is still being investigated on other Abramoff- and Scanlon-related bribery charges.