Abramoff and DeLay May Have New Hampshire Phone Jamming Connection

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Democrats and Republicans have been going back and forth about a phone jamming scheme that GOP operatives conducted targeting a phone bank on behalf of Democratic New Hampshire Senatorial candidate Jeanne Shaheen back in 2002 (and as reported by Josh Marshall over at TalkingPointsMemo.com).


Long story short, the New Hampshire GOP was guilty and there have been convictions.


What's new to the story is just how far up the chain did this scheme go (Democrats are claiming that now GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman may be involved) as well as contributions made from DeLay and Abramoff linked clients to the New Hampshire State Republican Party.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:


"Contributions were made to the state GOP by Indian tribes whom disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff represented and by former House Speaker Tom DeLay's political action committee in amounts that together almost equaled the cost of the phone-jamming scheme."


Democrats are claiming another Watergate that goes all the way to the White House (and maybe Capital Hill too) while the Republicans are saying that the New Hampshire scheme was conducted by rouge operatives and there is nothing else to the story (we've heard that one before).


For more on the story read this article at the Philadelphia Inquirer.