Opinions on the Ethics Bill and More on DeLay

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The weekend saw a raft of editorials weighing in on the ethics bill passed by the House last week. It's fair to say no one is particularly impressed.

The Cincinnati Post nicely sums up the bill's weakness: "How this would have prevented Jack Abramoff's lobbying excesses, or Rep. Tom DeLay's formers aides from selling access, or Rep. Duke Cunningham from accepting bribes is not at all clear."

The Birmingham News boils the bill's provisions down to it's real implications: "a traveling House member must get permission from his fellow traveling House members to be wined and dined at some exotic locale by a company or interest group seeking access that no ordinary American ever could hope to get."

And Douglas Turner of the Buffalo News (a major paper in Republican Congressional Committee Chair Rep. Tom Reynolds' district) calls the bill an instance of "Republican deceit."

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports on emails that have surfaced indicating Rep. Tom DeLay knew Jack Abramoff's office had financed DeLay's golfing trip to Scotland and England in 2000. DeLay has claimed that a Republican advocacy group had paid for the trip - House rules bar lobbyists from giving free trips to lawmakers.

Finally, the Washington Post takes a look at the November elections and the possibility that Democrats will take control of the House: and why the scandals involving DeLay, Cunningham, and potentially many more lawmakers could play a major role in determining the outcome.