Tuesday Roundup

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee to obtain records of Ralph Reed's White House visits as part of a larger inquiry into those with close ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Reed's running for the Lieutenant Governor spot in Georgia - learn more about his ties to Abramoff and big money and what you can do to get the word out here.


Further details on Rep. Bob Ney's ex-chief of staff Neil Volz's guilty plea are in the Washington Post, including the long list of favors allegedly traded between Abramoff and Ney - among them, a golfing trip for Ney, Ralph Reed and others financed through Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation


Meanwhile, New Jersey's Citizens' Clean Election Commission has released its report on the first cycle of the Clean Election pilot project in the state. The Courier Post Online has the findings, which recommend expanding the program next year with some modifications.