We Need to Know More About Alphonso Jackson

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HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson is the focus of intense scrutiny after making remarks at a recent event indicating he denied a federal contract to a business whose head wasn't a supporter of President Bush.


Jackson asked, rhetorically, why in the world would he let a contract go through to someone who would "use funds to try to campaign against the president"?


Jackson has gone on to deny the incident occurred, and talk his way around admitting he plays favorites, but as many are calling for an investigation, we need to know more.


Jackson was a Bush "Pioneer" in the 2000 elections, raising $100,000 for him through donation bundling - we need to know who Jackson raised money from for Bush, and whether he's awarded contracts to those supporters - just as he's denied contract to non-supporters. Sign our petition asking the White House to release Jackson's fundraising records on behalf of Bush. We need to know how deeply Jackson's favoritism runs, and how it's impacted the awarding of lucrative government contracts.