Is Reed's Lt. Governor's race a prelude to higher office?

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GOP pollster Matt Towery writes up Ralph Reed's run for Lieutenant Governor in Georgia at He immodestly says he's been "interviewed for nearly as many stories about Ralph Reed as I've read."


The burning questions on reporters' minds? Is this race a prelude for national higher office, and will the Abramoff scandals hurt Reed?


Towery answers yes to higher office, and no to Abramoff's drag on Reed.


The answer to the first question should be more of a concern to voters in Georgia and around the country. That's why we're engaging in this race.


"Despite reams of negative press in Georgia, our InsiderAdvantage polls show only minor damage to Reed among voters in general, and virtually none among Republicans. And it's they who will vote in the Georgia primary to select a GOP nominee."


Huh? From surveys I've seen, Ralph's gone from a 15 to 20 point adavntage last year to a neck-and-neck race today. Neither candidate has been well-defined by paid media. Reed's negatives, according to a recent poll, are higher than his positives.


If that's not impact, I don't know what is.