Breaking: Reed trying to buy race with Abramoff money

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Unrepentant Ralph Reed just "loaned" himself $500,000 for his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. With the primary next Tuesday, and will polls showing the race a nail-biter, Reed must be getting nervous.


But spending his savings will likely remind all Georgia voters where and how he got the money in the first place: using Christian groups as a front for Jack Abramoff's dirty clients. Abramoff made Reed a wealthy man through hiring him to lobbying on behalf of casinos and sweatshop owners in the Northern Marianas Islands who forced female employees into the sex-tourism trade and forced them to have abortions when they got pregnant. Not exactly what you'd expect from the former head of the Christian Coalition.


We have run a radio ad in Georgia and are currently preparing a TV spot to air over the last week of this campaign. Please make a donation to counter Reed's Abramoff money. More on the spot itself later.