From Connecticut to Congress

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Andy Sauer, executive director of Connecticut Common Cause and major player in the state's public financing victory last year asks in The Day whether this election season - with its $2.6 billion price tag and unprecendented barrage of negative attack ads - has convinced the people it's time for a change.


Sauer distills the real cost of the election to voters:


This is what democracy has come to: Millions of special interest dollars used to bankroll attack ads that demean the electoral process and disgust the average voter — all for victory on Election Day.

The problem is, there is life after Election Day. All those people who gave millions to a candidates' campaigns will undoubtedly expect something in return for their generous contributions.


Tomorrow the polls will open and the mudslinging will cease in favor of nervous anticipation. The question is, once the dust settles over the 2006 results will the next Congress - and the voters who put them in office - force the kind of change Connecticut won to make donor rewards in the service of campaign excess a thing of the past. Will Clean Elections come to Congress?