Opposites Allied

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Edgar Bronfman Sr., former CEO of Seagrams, and Deborah Simpson, a former waitress and current Clean-elected state legislator in Maine co-author this editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer on why they support Clean Elections. It's an excellent read.


While the list of things the two have in common may be short, a shared committment to the promise of public financing is one of them. Both see a national political scene rife with influence-peddling, and an alternative already working well in Maine and in other states around the country.


It just makes sense:


By taking much of the private money out of politics, Maine took the focus off big donors and shifted it to all voters. This means that people like Edgar Bronfman are constituents like everybody else, with an idea to share or a problem that needs solving. The volume of people's voices is not dependent on the size of their wallets. In Maine, a waitress and a millionaire may shop at different stores and stand on different sides of the counter, but when it comes to our elected officials, they are equals.