Jack Goes to Jail

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Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff is set to report to prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania today to begin serving his sentence for his Florida fraud conviction. He'd received several extensions on his reporting date because of his continued cooperation with federal prosecutors on the wide-ranging probe into his influence-peddling scheme involving several members of Congress.


Abramoff is expected to continue cooperating with prosecutors in the investigation that has already felled now ex-Congressman Bob Ney, White House aide David Safavian, ex-Ney aide Neil Volz, and two former Tom DeLay staffers. Sources are telling ABC News that Abramoff was set to begin providing information about his relationship with President Bush's advisor, Karl Rove, and "what Abramoff has reportedly described as 'six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators,'" when the Florida judge who sentenced Abramoff ordered him to report to prison. Prosecutors anticipate that their reduced access to Abramoff will hinder the investigation.


So, who do you think those six to eight Democrats are?