How About a Little Ambition

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The Democrats are working out the particulars of the ethics legislation they will roll out in January, and while some members of Congress seem resistant to change, others argue that the proposals on the table don't do nearly enough. I'd have to agree.


New restrictions on gym usage? No more all-expenses-paid junkets on lobbyists' dime? That's it? That had better be the very tip of the iceberg. A very big iceberg. Senators Lieberman and Obama are backing an independent ethics oversight commission, and let's not forget that 108 members of Congress are on the record in support of a public financing program that could really throw a wrench into the machine of corruption.


Poll after poll has shown corruption is high on the list of concerns to voters -- let's not dither over who can use what treadmill. That isn't what's at stake here. Wealthy special interests have access you and I just don't have to the corridors of power, and as such their needs are heard over those of ordinary citizens. Your credit card statement, your gas bill, every visit to the doctor's office only reinforces this. Nuggets of change trotted out majestically under the banner of "reform" are insufficient in the face of it.