The Year Ahead

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Happy New Year! This new year, with its new Congress brings a fresh opportunity for our representatives in Washington to listen to voters and pass full public financing of elections to make the scandals that marked 2006 a thing of the past. Our President and CEO Nick Nyhart writes in The Patriot News about the challenges ahead, and the growing support for public financing in Congress.


With 109 members of the incoming 110th Congress on the record in support of public financing - along with three-quarters of the American voting public - our chances have never been better, but the special interests who depend on the current system to keep legislation going their way are rallying to maintain the status quo of campaign contributions in exchange for policy favors. With legislators on both sides of the aisle signaling support for public financing and an end to the culture of corruption, it's time for Congress to translate words in actions and make enacting full public financing of elections a priority in 2007.