Had It Up To Here

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Illinois' Journal Standard has "about had it with the corrupting influence of money in politics" and believes the only way to get rid of it is to embrace public financing of elections. Campaign costs rise unchecked and candidates have no choice but to chase larger and larger sums of money -- without sweeping change in the form of public financing of elections, there's no evidence the pattern will reverse itself.


Speculation about the early entrants into the 2008 presidential race has dealt principally with their ability to fundraise hundreds of millions of dollars just to be competitive. To that, the Journal Standard counters:


It's time for the nation to consider publicly financing all national races, or perhaps a ban on corporate donations. Though it would cost taxpayers up- front, we suspect it would save billions in the long run, given how large campaign donations are expected to bring a big return in the form of government contracts or favors - paid for by you and I. Best of all, such a system could free candidates to talk about ideas again, without worrying about offending well-heeled finaciers. And may the best ideas -not the biggest war chest - win.


The solution is out there, will our elected officials make it happen before we start talking about candidates raising billions?