Bungling Bundling

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Legally, the most an individual can donate to a presidential candidate is $2,300 for the primary election and another $2,300 for the general election. But for the big donors for whom $4,600 just doesn't buy enough, there's bundling: getting your friends to donate the maximum to your candidate -- donations for which you get credit, and access, from the candidate.


President Bush is famous for his bundling apparatus, organizing the Ranger and Pioneer groups of donors who could bundle $100K+ or $200K+. Those seeking the White House in 2008 are already identifying targeted bundlers to add to their campaign rolodexes, but as this editorial in The Washington Post points out, there's no requirement to disclose who the bundlers are.


It's important information to have: candidates and their bundlers depend on one another. Remember Alphonso Jackson, the HUD Secretary who bragged in a speech about denying a government contract based on the contractors political views? He was a Bush Pioneer, bundling $100K for the President.


President Bush disclosed his biggest bundlers, will Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama disclose theirs in their presidential runs? Don't we, the public, have a right to know who these individuals are whether they get special treatment down the line?