Name That Bundler

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The Republican is looking for a little more disclosure in the realm of campaign finance, particularly in this brave new world of bundling where super-fundraisers give the max donation to a candidate and find, say, a hundred friends willing to do the same, yet don't need to disclose anything beyond their individual gift.


The greater public has no idea who these bundlers are and should an elected official show them preferential treatment in exchange for their fundraising favors, we have no way to connect the dots. From the editorial:


As long as bundlers are allowed to remain in the dark, the citizens will never know to what special interests a candidate might be beholden. When a top fund-raiser hands over a million bucks to someone who is running for president, the bundler might well expect to be remembered for his efforts if his candidate makes it to the White House.


The long-term answer to this is to take money entirely out of the equation via a Clean Elections system of public financing, but in the meantime we need to know who may be buying access and influence from future Presidents.