A Campaign of People Power

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The campaign for winning Clean Elections in Maryland depends on a grassroots organizing effort. It cannot win without the citizens of Maryland taking a stand and getting involved in the effort. It’s about citizens choosing to take responsibility for making a necessary change here in Maryland! So what really goes on in a grassroots campaign?


This campaign is rooted in people being educated about this issue and then taking action, whether it is volunteering to phone bank, or going door-to door talking to constituents, or making a call into your district leader to tell them that you support public financing of elections in Maryland, this is a campaign of people power!

The first point is initiating the one-on-one contact to constituents to personally educate them on why public financing of elections is so important for Maryland. I can remember talking to one person last week who knew nothing about public financing or about the campaign to win Clean Elections, and was initially skeptical. She proceeded to ask me questions and immediately wanted to get involved by calling her Senator. This kind of one-on-one interaction with citizens and education is important. Once you have citizens in support, the next step is getting them to put pressure on their lawmakers, making calls or writing letters. After all, the clean elections system is meant to foster that relationship between constituent and lawmaker.


So far we have already worked with Marylanders to log 100 calls into Maryland legislators. Each call makes a difference in convincing an elected official that Clean Elections has popular support and that they need to support the bill. Check out our dedicated volunteer, Cam, making calls:


Cam Making Calls!Cam Making Calls!











Clean Elections can’t happen without people! We need people who are willing to volunteer to go door to door talking to residents who haven’t yet heard about the potential of Clean Elections, to hand out postcards for signatures, and most importantly, to put in calls into their legislators. If you would like to volunteer your time to this effort click here. I promise you it makes a difference!