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Speaking of Iowa, Barb Kalbach of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement has this op-ed in the Des Moines Register today on the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) Act that could shortly bring full public financing to Iowa statewide and legislative races. Calling out the huge amounts of cash legislators must raise to stay in office (and wield power), Kalbach argues for a better way.


She calls particular attention to Iowa's Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal who's fundraising prowess gives him particular weight at the state capitol; though he's willing to undertake certain fundraising maneuvers with which he personally disagrees (like establishing a 527 committee to amass extra cash) just to stay competitive, he and other legislators in Des Moines would do well to lend their support to an alternative that would allow them to walk away from the fundraising wars and get back to campainging -- and legislating -- on the strength of their ideas and policies.