Williams and Williams

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Support for full public financing of elections comes from quite different parts of the blogosphere today: first, Armstrong Williams writing on Townhall argues "Clean campaigns will reduce the power of elites by ending the new arms race for money, and bring back the soul of democracy by increasing the power of the people." Byron Williams, in his piece on Huffington Post, focuses on the Fair Elections Now Act, and how it can make public financing a reality in Congress.


Byron Williams sites fundraising statistics from Public Campaign showing just how small a percentage of the American populations is part of the "donor class" of fundraising elite, and how many of us, disenchanted with the money chase campaigns have become, have simply dropped out of the process altogether. Armstrong Williams, too, underlines the value in creating a new measure of involvement in the political process that has nothing to do with one's material wealth.


It's good to see support for public financing coming from two popular online centers of political debate that don't see eye to eye on most issues -- when it comes to having elected officials who are accountable to us and not wealthy patrons, it looks like support crosses traditional party lines.