He's A "No" Vote, We're Guessing

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Yesterday activists rallied at the Iowa capitol building in support of the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) Act to bring public financing to Iowa's statewide and legislative elections. When a group of the activists spied State Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal (D) and went over to talk to him about VOICE, things got a little heated...


Apparently, Senator Gronstal, a staunch opponent of VOICE, didn't appreciate being criticized for his anti-Clean Elections stance and peppered his response to the activists with profanity, see the story from the local ABC News station here (under "Videos" click on Tense Talk at the Statehouse). Yikes!


In all other respects it was a great rally, today we're waiting to see whether the VOICE Act, sponsored by Rep. Pat Jochum (D), passes out of the House Appropriations Committee -- a huge victory on the way to a vote on the floor of the House!