Who's Pledging?

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More coverage from yesterday's event announcing the signers of the Philadelphia Fair and Clean Elections pledge. This article in the Philadelphia Inquirer notes mayoral candidate Tom Knox's failure to sign, though his major opponent in the Democratic primary, Michael Nutter, has signed. We've got more on the pledge (29 signers so far!), and pictures from the event here.


Chris Bowers, a writer from MyDD.com and a Philadelphia resident was on hand for the pledge event and writes on the mayoral race, competition between Knox and Nutter, the prominence of campaign finance debate in the race, and the introduction of the pledge here.


With eight of the 29 signers incumbents, and another handful challengers with good prospects, there's the potential to have both a mayor and a majority of the next city council on board in support of public financing for Philadelphia's elections. That's great news for voters -- if you live in Philly or know people who do, check out our list of signers here, see if your candidates of choice are on it and then give them a call!