Biden Reiterates Public Financing Support

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Joe Biden, on the campaign trail for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, spoke in support of public financing for campaigns. He's sponsored past public financing legislation in the Senate, and been a vocal supporter of working to counter the influence of money in politics.


From T.M. Lindsey at the Iowa Independent, here's what he said:


“I’ve always been a proponent of publicly-funded elections. In fact, I was one of the first Senators to introduce a bill for public elections back in 1974. And do you want to know who co-sponsored the bill with me?”

"Who?" I asked.

"Senator Dick Clark from Iowa."

Biden went on to say that he would do everything in his power to enact public financing of elections, going as far to help enact a constitutional amendment to make it happen. I asked Sen. Biden if he were to receive the Democrat Party's nomination, would he be willing to accept limitations -- should his rival be willing to do or commit to the same pledge. He gave a resounding, "Yes," and thanked me for my time before moving on to the next reporter.