Side Effects May Include Spinelessness

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Here's a riddle: why would the Senate pass a bill that, on the one hand, makes it harder for people to import prescription drugs (they argue it's a safety issue), and on the other hand softpedals requirements to do ongoing safety studies of on-the-market drugs, and make drug studies public? USA Today hazards a gue$$.


These days you can get a drug for almost any ailment, real or imagined, and new drugs are flooding the market. But do we know enough about them and their potential side effects, and long term impact on the body? The FDA wants more power to study these drugs and disseminate information about them publicly but a group of Senators, their campaign coffers swelled with drug industry cash, have done their best to take the edge off a recent drug safety bill and protect pharmaceutical profits.

Check out the article for the facts and figures on who's taking the most from the drug industry and how it may be effecting their votes. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted against the bill and offers his thoughts on the influence of money at work ""It's not that money buys votes. But you have a culture in which big money has significant influence. Big money gains you access, access gives you the time to influence people."

And influence people it did.