Edwards Reiterates Support

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At a campaign stop in Montclair, New Jersey presidential candidate John Edwards (D) reiterated his support for public financing of elections.

From the Montclair Times:

While Edwards took questions, Montclair resident Jerry Fried asked Edwards how to solve the issues of cam-paign finance reform and how to get the media to donate free air time.

Edwards responded, “Public financing is the answer to that.” He added that he would support a constitutional amendment backing public financing of political campaign reforms.


He's spoken of his support for public financing on the record before -- indeed with the scrutiny given the presidential public financing system this time around much more attention has been granted to the solution side of the problem.

Interestingly, Edwards is a former Senator from North Carolina, a state that has a full public financing system in place for judicial elections and potential for public financing of Council of State and legislative races. He made this most recent statement of support for public financing in New Jersey, where the Governor signed off jut a little while back on another round of the Clean Elections pilot program in the state for legislative races.