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whoever's in power?


Roll Call reports today on the unsurprising fact that industries that had given most of their donations to Republicans are starting to switch sides and cozy up with the Democrats. Donations are how these folks buy access and influence and they can do that best with the party in power.


According to PAC reports, insurance companies, defense contractors, and even big tobacco are starting to move their money to the Democrats. Who needs loyalty when profits and regulations are in play?


In a related article, lobbyists in Washington need some classes in decision making. They just can’t decide which presidential candidate deserves their money. So, when folks with buckets of money can’t make decisions, they just give to everyone! Candidates are getting donations because they might win the Presidency, but also because it’s just another way to buy influence with their favorite committee chairs as sitting members of congress.


Hey, at least everyone’s getting money from lobbyists and special interests. I’d hate for anybody to feel left out.