Equal Enforcement?

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We're not the only ones questioning McConnell's track record today. USA Today is wondering about his...uneven...enforcement of ethics policies among his Senate Republicans. They focus in particular on McConnell's quick shunning of Sen. Larry Craig but much lighter treatment of Sen. Ted Stevens, even as the corruption probe surrounding the former heats up.

Though Stevens is presumed innocent until proven guilty (or until he pleads guilty, and tries to reverse it, a la Craig) but the paper makes a good point: "his senior position on the Senate Appropriations Committee means that he helps set the budget for the Justice Department, the FBI and the IRS — all of which are investigating him. Despite this obvious conflict of interest, Stevens has declined to step aside from his committee post, and McConnell won't push him."

Perhaps McConnell allows a bit more leniency when the issue is at hand is the mere trading of favors between elected officials and corporations? I mean, who does that hurt, right?