The West Virginia Effort

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Carol Warren and the West Virginia Citizens for Clean Elections are lobbying their legislature to implement a Clean Elections program for state legislative races. This story in the Charleston Gazette describes their efforts, steady progress toward victory, and the particular program they have outlined.

West Virgina Citizens for Clean Elections have a diverse group of allies uniting behind their effort, including West Virginia Council of Churches, the National Association of Social Workers, the League of Women Voters, the West Virginia Citizen Action Group, the AFL-CIO and the Affiliated Construction Trades Foundation. And they've found support in the legislature, including State Sen. Dan Foster who speaks enthusiastically about Clean Elections:

[He] believes publicly financed races would “see far fewer unopposed races, which is good for democracy.

“I would much prefer to spend time talking to my constituents than raising money,” he said.



Public Campaign's Adam Smith is cited in the article as well (and given a nice title bump as well...nice try Smith).