Candidates Take on the Money

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Presidential candidates are being asked more questions about the ties between the money they take for their campaigns and the decision they'll make in office. As a result, several candidates have taken public stances against traditional big money fundraising, and against lobbyist money. Keep reading for the latest from candidates John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich on the subject.

Kucinich, speaking at an event in New Hampshire reiterated his support for full public financing of campaigns:

Kucinich said the Constitution must be changed to put limitations of campaign spending and a form of publicly financed elections take over.

"There should be no private financing when it comes to elections," said Kucinich. "If you have public financing, you have public control."

And Edwards, who has made the issue of special interest money in elections a cornerstone of his campaign, introduced a pledge for voters to "not support a Democratic presidential candidate who 'accepts campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.'"