John Rauh on Fair Elections

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John Rauh, former candidate for Senate from New Hampshire and founder of Americans for Campaign Reform talked to The Enquirer in his home town of Cincinnati about his commitment to winning full public financing of elections for congressional and presidential races.

The article makes mention of the Fair Elections Now Act introduced in the Senate and similar legislation in the House modeled on the successful Clean Elections systems in Arizona, Maine and several other states. Rauh, whose organization counts among its allies a bipartisan slate of former legislators, emphasizes the wasteful spending our current private financing system encourages:


Rauh, former chief executive officer of the Clopay Corp. in Cincinnati, said that his group's analysis shows that the cost of such a system would be about $1.8 billion a year - or $6 per American citizen.

"Congress is spending about $200 per person each year on pork barrel projects, so this would be a bargain," Rauh said.