McConnell Speculation

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Kentucky's Courier-Journal and the AP have picked up on our analysis of Sen. Mitch McConnell's recent fundraising reports, as have bloggers at the Herald Leader and PageOneKentucky. McConnell intended for his big money announcement to dissuade challengers, but it has proved to further speculation about his chances come November.

This was a striking quote from the AP story:


"With 306 days until Election Day, our prospective opponents would need to raise more than $35,000 per day each and every day between now and the election to collect what we've raised to date," McConnell campaign spokesman Justin Brasell said.

Brasell's characterization of all this fundraising as impossibly time-consuming rather begs the question of what McConnell has been up to in order to bring in the cash he has. It would seem that raising that sort of cash -- making those calls, attending those high-dollar fundraisers, and rubbing elbows with the wealthiest of the wealthy -- wouldn't leave much time left for doing the work of one's constituents.