Richardson On Public Financing

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New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson just ducked out of the presidential race and his post-exit interview with Neil Cavuto at Fox News made a pitch for public financing of elections at the federal level to even out the playing field for candidates who have good experience, but lean resources.

Here's where it came up:

CAVUTO: Does it bother you on any level, Governor, that you have probably one of the most impressive resumes in the group running on either party, yet, nothing?

RICHARDSON: Well, what we do need, Neil, is reform of the financing of presidential and other campaigns. We need public financing, because, you know, when you're outspent 10-to-1, my message of experience and change, in other words, what you mentioned, my resume, what I have accomplished, it gets drowned out by more resources that other campaigns have, by celebrity, you know, by political lineage, which I don't have.

And the national media does shape this campaign. And they chose to make it a three-person race. Look, I'm not complaining about that. I needed to show some movement in the polls. And, in the Fall, I started to moving up, but, then, when the candidates turned on all their media blitzes and TV ads, it was hard to compete.

Richardson has supported efforts to publicly fund elections in New Mexico and spoken on the campaign trail about the need for public financing. His brush with the insanity of this year's presidential fundraising contest seems to have further cemented his support for a system that's less about how much you can raise than whether your ideas resonate.