They Work Hard With the Money

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Congress is busy adjusting to the new rules on lobbyist contact, taking meals from lobbyists, lobbyist-funded travel etc. but in Oklahoma lobbyists are still free to foot the bill for up to $300 in lawmaker expenses. And as this article in Tulsa World reveals, they're picking up the tab for everything from polo shirts to football games. I'm sure it's because they're really generous guys just, you know, paying it forward.

Someone somewhere can surely explain to me the thematic relevance of a Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins game to the lobbying interests of Electronic Data Systems Corp.who shelled out for several lawmakers to attend the game. Does talking with one's legislator now carry a season-ticket pricetag?

All these little gifts are of course in addition to the campaign contributions that are de rigeur in the lobbyist industry.

As one of the commenters on the story writes, " There STILL is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone is paying. In this case, it's me. And thee."