New Reform Venture

Public Campaign Action Fund is now Every Voice. Check out our new website:

Stanford law professor and noted copyright law expert Lawrence Lessig launched his new venture today,, designed to track the position of members of Congress on key reform issues, and put them on the record in support of things like the Fair Elections Now Act, which would publicly finance congressional campaigns. Read more about his project here.

By combining a pledge campaign with a map of support for various reform proposals across Congress, and adding a fundraising component that will allow voters to support candidates who want to change the way campaigns are financed, Lessig wants to make this elections a referendum on money in politics:

Let the cause of this political cycle be substantial and fundamental reform of Congress. For with an approval rating hovering in the low 20s, no other federal institution needs the renewed confidence of the people more. From the scandals involving outright bribery, to the indirect corruption of earmarks, to the pervasive and persistent skepticism born of the view that too rarely does congressional action track policy sense rather than campaign dollars, this is an institution in desperate need of change. Done right, the Net can leverage the support for that change. And get it done.