Plane Truth

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Hee hee. Our own Nancy Watzman also writes for the Politics West section of the Denver Post and today she takes on links between campaign contributions and recent legislative favors to the banking and airline industries to discuss the fates of Frontier Airlines vs. Franny Airlonowitz.

How strange that for all political rhetoric about caring for the needs of the people/helping hard-working Americans/family values etc., so often corporations go to the front of the line:

When companies face dire straits, the government seems all too willing to help out. Witness the recent $30 billion bailout of Wall Street investment firm Bear Stearns. And the quotes above are modified versions of those given by several Colorado lawmakers talking about Frontier Airlines, which last week filed for bankruptcy.

But when individuals encounter tough times, often the political rhetoric is about personal responsibility-how did they get in such a mess in the first place? It was that kind of talk (and plenty of campaign cash) that helped the credit card industry convince Congress to pass the Bankruptcy Reform Act back in 2005, which made it more difficult and expensive for people to file for bankruptcy. Only two Colorado lawmakers voted against it-Democratic Reps. Mark Udall and Diana DeGette.