Press on Schaffer Ad

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The ad Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project released yesterday on Colorado Senate candidate Bob Schaffer's connections to Jack Abramoff and campaign contributions from factory owners in the Northern Mariana Islands got some attention from Colorado press, including the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post. Apparently, Schaffer's campaign manager is a little steamed.

Responding to reporters' inquiries on the ad which asks questions about Schaffer's dealings with the factory owners, Schaffer's campaign offered the following:

Schaffer's campaign manager, Dick Wadhams, said Campaign Money Watch is a "sham" organization that is financed by "scumbags."

Penetrating analysis, Dick. It's that kind of counter-argument that really lays to rest any doubt in voters' minds about their candidate taking money from shady sources.

We've put out the offer for Schaffer to debate this issue and the larger issue of money's influence on our elections and policy -- haven't heard back yet.