More in McCain's Lobbyists

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The past client lists of the some of the lobbyists working for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign have been getting some attention. Here's another, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. One of McCain's consultants, a lobbyist, was involved in a PR effort to improve the image of the Party of Regions, a Ukrainian political party with close ties to Russia, and a history of not taking well to opposition -- and being opposed by Senator McCain.

The Party of Regions is the party of Viktor Yanukovich who in the 2004 Ukrainian presidential elections squared off against Viktor Yushchenko, a more pro-Western candidate. Yushchenko was poisoned in the course of the campaign, leaving his face disfigured, and most people figured it was the work of Yanukovich's party which has already done what it could to limit Yushchenko's media exposure. The dispute over the election results between these two candidates led to the Orange Revolution and Yushchenko's eventual victory.

Let's hope McCain's consultant didn't pick up any campaigning tips from the Party of Regions that he intends to try out this year. The last thing this campaign season needs is a poisoning scandal.