Lolly Gagging

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More bad news for Sen. John McCain on the lobbyist front: ThinkProgress expands on the MSNBC report that former Sen. Phil Gramm, one of McCain's economic advisors, was lobbying for a bank during hearings on bills to address the mortgage crisis at the same time he was advising McCain on the very issue.

McCain's admitted that economics isn't his strong suit and that he relies on his advisers in this area, so we're right to be a little concerned that one of those advisers was lobbying for a vested interest at the same time he was providing counsel to McCain on how best to address the mortgage meltdown:


While Gramm was advising McCain, he was paid by UBS to lobby the Senate about the mortgage crisis, strongly opposing increased government regulation and several consumer protection bills, which, as Keith Olbermann noted, “might have mitigated the current crisis.”

Probably the folks who are gathered yesterday in Phoenix at a fundraising event for John McCain hosted by President Bush aren't too worried about losing their homes to the bank though. Many of the same people who've had a friend in the White House for the last eight years because of their support for George W. Bush's run for the presidency are giving to Sen. McCain's campaign -- 34 donors who were part of Bush's bundling program for big donors are doing the same for McCain, according to a report (see second item) put out by Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project. It's good to have friends.

Perhaps when McCain sends them thank-you notes for their donations he can include a Lobby-Pop as a favor -- we're getting ready to send him 115 of them, one for every lobbyist involved with his campaign! Word on the street is that the Lobby-Pops are tasty, and handy to have in your purse in the event of a last-minute Capitol Hill visit!