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Research done by Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project has revealed that though the candidates in this year's presidential race may be different than in years past, the big donors sure aren't -- at least when it comes to the migration of President Bush's best bundlers to the donor rolls of Sen. John McCain's campaign. One hundred and twenty-four bundlers for Bush's campaign are now bundling for McCain, and have brought in just shy of $26 million.

This is how the big money game works in Washington -- access to wealth gives the same people the same privileged access to the most powerful lawmakers. And we get the same policies that put the interests of this select group ahead of the interests of the rest of us:

"Senator McCain has been working hard to distance himself from an unpopular president, but he is relying on the same network of big money donors and fundraisers in his run for the White House," said David Donnelly, Director of Campaign Money Watch. "Given that McCain and Bush have both pulled water from the same well, it's hard to see how he would pursue policies other than those that have handsomely rewarded Bush's donors over the past eight years."