Reed It and Weep

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Um, if your campaign is taking heat for being run and financed by a large circle of lobbyists, it's perhaps not the best idea to get Ralph Reed, FOA (Friend of Abramoff) Extraordinaire, to host a fundraiser for you. And yet, that's what Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is doing.

Reed's 2006 bid for Georgia's Lt. Governor spot failed in large part due to his background with Abramoff, and involvement in Abramoff's scheme to steal millions from American Indian tribes. A scandal with which McCain should be quite familiar being as how -- as this column notes -- he chaired the committee that investigated the misdeeds.

Reed made millions off the Abramoff scam, using his influence within conservative Christian groups to block efforts to open casinos with which the tribes that Abramoff represented (and robbed) would have competed. Abramoff compensated Reed handsomely for his efforts, and even filtered payments to Reed through third parties so it wouldn't look like the former head of the Christian Coalition was getting paid by gambling groups.