Will Maine Lead the Way?

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On November 4th, Maine voters elected 158 Clean Elections candidates to serve in the next session of the General Assembly. That's 85 percent of lawmakers free from the influence of special interest campaign contributions.

Yesterday in Maine, Public Campaign Action Fund member Dorothy Many asked in a letter to the editor whether Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will show leadership in pushing the Maine Clean Elections model for Congressional races.


I want to follow up on the opinion piece by the Rev. Jill Saxby (executive director of the Maine Council of Churches) in the Nov. 15-16 Bangor Daily News (“Maine has the chance to lead the way with Clean Elections.”)


To be a model for our nation to follow in these times of change, I agree we need our Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to support the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 1285).


Wouldn’t we prefer to see our senators with more time to focus on the people they represent and on the challenges our nation faces than on raising money?


S. 1285, if passed, could offer an opportunity for any well-qualified person to run for national office. Viable candidates, by going through the process of establishing credibility as Fair Elections candidates, would receive public funds for primary and general elections.


Will Maine lead the way?

Dorothy Many


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