Voters demand response to Citizens United

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While most of Washington is still digging out of this weekend's blizzard, Public Campaign Action Fund joined with Common Cause and Change Congress to release new polling today on the impact of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and the Fair Elections Now Act.


The results aren't surprising - voters are disillusioned by Washington and think that special interests have too much influence on the policy making process.


Here are some key points:


  • Three quarters of likely voters believe special interests hold too much influence over politicians and fewer than 25 percent believe that ordinary citizens can still influence what happens in politics.
  • A full 62 percent of voters support the Fair Elections public financing policy, one we've been championing as the most comprehensive response to the Court's terrible decision.
  • And Congress should pay attention: Voters are more likely to support their member of Congress if they support reform and less likely to vote for those that are opposed to reform.

Some good stuff in the poll - read the full memo.


Oh, and take action.