67 fundraisers in 24 hours

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As the deadline for first quarter fundraising nears, members of Congress are cramming in as many fundraisers as possible. In a 24-hour period (starting today, Wednesday), members will hold 67 fundraisers, part of the 153 events happening this week.


As Sunlight Foundation's Bill Allison tells Huffington Post, "Even in the busiest of legislative seasons, and with the health care battle -- over reconciliation -- still raging, members of Congress make time to raise money."


So far in the 2010 cycle, we've seen record-breaking amounts of money spent on campaign contributions and lobbying fees. As the cost of running for office continues to skyrocket, the time candidates have to spend attending these events and dialing for dollars will only increase--leaving even less time for policy-making and talking with constituents.


To get details on these events, make sure to check out our friends at PoliticalPartyTime.org.