Sen. Corker's $3 million from financial industry interests

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While it's unclear how Sen. Bob Corker will end up voting on the current financial reform bill being debated, it is clear he's received a lot of money from the industry over the years, according to data put together by Public Campaign Action Fund.


Sen. Corker has depended on financial industry dollars to fund his campaigns for public office.[1]

  • According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Sen. Corker has raised at least $3.1 million from the financial industry since 2004.
  • Sen. Corker has received substantial sums from financial firms.



Merrill Lynch



  • In 2009, Sen. Corker's campaign received $254,943 from the financial industry.
  • Sen. Corker's former Chief of Staff, David Dekeyser, is now a partner at Washington, D.C. lobbying shop MITA Group. In 2009, Dekeyser's clients included leading financial firm Bloomberg LP.


Sen. Corker is fundraising off of his high profile role in the financial reform debate.

  • In preparation for fundraising trips to New York City and Chicago, a fundraiser for Sen. Corker contacted a number of financial industry employees and lobbyists, saying, "We are hoping for $10,000 for meal events or $5,000 for small meetings." Sen. Corker was forced to cancel the fundraisers due to the public scrutiny.[2]
  • This fundraising announcement came just days after Sen. Corker joined his Republican colleagues on the Senate Banking Committee in opposing proposed legislation for financial regulation reform.
  • On February 10th, 2010, Sen. Corker held a fundraiser hosted by three lobbyists for Clark and Associates, a firm that represents financial industry interests like the American Bankers Association, Bloomberg, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.[3]

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