Rep. Joe Barton's BP apology (and his campaign cash)

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Just moments ago at a U.S. House Committee hearing featuring energy executives, Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas) said he was "ashamed" of the White House's pressure on the company to take specific actions in response to the Gulf oil spill disaster.


As Rep. Barton stands up for BP, it's important to note that he's received $1.4 million in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry during his time in Congress. In fact, it's his highest-giving industry. More specifically, Rep. Barton has received $27,000 in campaign contributions from BP, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.


It'd be interesting to see how his constituents feel about this.


UPDATE: We've put out a statement asking Rep. Barton to donate his BP campaign cash to Gulf Coast recovery efforts.