Sorry, we don't accept your apology

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This morning, we reported that Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) apologized to BP for the White House pressure being placed on them. Under pervasive public pressure from all sides of the political debate, Rep. Barton has now apologized, saying he regrets "the impact" of his statement."


Well you know, what Rep. Barton, we don't accept your apology:

“Rep. Barton regrets the impact of his statement this morning? We regret the impact that BP’s access and influence has had on our political system and regret that Rep. Barton is taking no responsibility for his words this morning. He continues to stand by big oil money instead of the Americans devastated by this disaster.


“Actions—not words—are what’s important. Instead of apologizing for throwing open what’s behind the doors of our broken political system, Rep. Barton should immediately donate the money he’s received from BP to the Gulf coast recovery effort.

“This episode demonstrates the critical need to address the problems of our political system. Rep. Barton should also co-sponsor the Fair Elections Now Act, legislation that would sever the ties between Congress and its special interest campaign contributors.”


UPDATE: So far today, our work on Rep. Barton has been quoted in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Fox News, and MSNBC used our data for its story.