Why We're Standing with Wisconsin Workers

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Over the past two weeks we’ve watched, as I’m sure you have, as everyday workers in Wisconsin have stood up to efforts by Gov. Walker and his special interest backers to take away their collecting bargaining rights. Of course, this isn’t just about unions or Wisconsin—it’s about whether corporate special interests and their allies in elected office will succeed, in state after state, in their efforts to dismantle, damage, and defund their political opponents. And that’s why we’re fighting alongside the workers of Wisconsin.

We’ve compiled a host of research in Wisconsin on Gov. Walker’s corporate backers—the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the billionaire Koch Brothers, and others—to help advocates, citizens, and journalists follow the money. And last week, we requested an investigation into whether Gov. Walker broke state law during a conversation he had with whom he assumed was billionaire donor David Koch.

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This fight won’t end in Wisconsin. We need your help to make sure we have the resources available to fight back in Ohio, in Indiana, in Iowa, in Washington, D.C. and everywhere else corporate special interests are fighting to silence the voices of everyday people. Our elections are more squarely in the hands of wealthy special interests than ever before, but you can help us change that.

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