Major Effort to Expose Problem of Corporate Money in Politics Taking Hold

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The Washington Post reports that an effort, led by Public Campaign Action Fund, to expose the huge problem of big corporate money in politics is going full steam ahead. Buoyed by the fights in Wisconsin and Ohio (and other parts of the country), the message that corporate interests are negatively impacting middle class America is taking hold, and could be a major issue in the coming 2012 elections.

"I think we're seeing a shift in voice and strategy. What we've seen over the past year is the growing awakening to the problem of money in politics and how it impacts regular people's lives," said Public Campaign Action Fund National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly.

As corporate-backed efforts to harm the middle class and pad their bottom line continue around the country, the growing problem of big money in poltiics isn't going anywhere. And as we approach the next presidential election, efforts like the one outlined in the Post article will only intensify. We can be sure of two things: that big money corporate and special interests will continue to invest heavily in efforts to increase their bottom line, and that Public Campaign Action Fund will be there every step of the way to expose it to the public.

Read the full Washington Post article here.